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Integral European Conference May 4.-8. 16 in Hungary

Integral Aging – a challenge to take on

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NEXT RETREAT: Intimate Relationships over 50

October 27-November 1st in Paradiso Integrale, Otricoli/Italy


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Stop the RelationShit – grow your relations

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 VISIT US IN UMBRIA/ITALYIm Arbeitsraum for taking part in LIVE EVENTS or just to connect with people of different countries and cultures

A wonderful opportunity to pass some intense and rich days in beautiful Italy, in the lovely surroundings,  at Paradiso Integrale.


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  • I never get what I want. And this won’t change anytime soon.  Judgement


  • I’ll be alone forever. A relationship just isn’t for me.    Judgement


  • There’s something wrong with my partner . This is why our relationship doesn’t work.    Judgement 


We spend our lives judging ourselves.

Isn’t it time you stopped?


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Kate Barbour

INSPIRATION AND PRACTICAL TOOLS to deal with my situation – by Kate Barbour

  I am very grateful I met Heidi, Mark online. I started watching The Wisdom Factory Shows. It was magic. Every time I had to deal with yet another difficulty I got inspiration and practical tools to deal with my situation. Or I changed my perspective and therefore was able to find out a solution. I must say that the past two years have been the toughest years in my entire life. We moved country and then we had to move three times before we found the right place. We started a new business. I left my old friends and clients behind. I do not mention all the other challenges here becau[...] se there isn't enough space to write them down :)  But as it often happens - when life is tough - I received a lot of help, support and guidance from "strangers". It all happened online - with people I never met in person. They helped me by doing what they do well - and out of their generous hearts. Therefore I believe it will come back to them abundantly. Thank you again and see you soon online!   Kate Barbour

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Reclaim Your True Power

by  Dennis Wittrock, board member of Integral Europe and Integrales Forum, Germany
    I can highly recommend Heidi's work. She will impeccably lead you to your own dark and neglected places and put you in touch with those aspects of yoursel[...] f that yearn to be seen, healed and liberated. Reclaim your true power - Heidi will be your invaluable guide on this path and help you to truly embody the integral wisdom in your own self. I know her for quite some years now and it is remarkable to see how the practices she teaches have helped herself to transform and step up to serve others more effectively. Let her do the same for you.   


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Transformation into a new life

by Hilde Weckmann  Board Member of "Integrales Forum" Germany
  Heidi’s approach in coaching points to the maturation of younger parts of ourselves which couldn’t grow up with the person for various difficulties met in early age. I am committed to continue with this work because it is really unbelievable how these younger parts are acting through us in their lower level of development. Their acting out through me has always been a big issu[...] e and source of discomfort for me. Now, with the help of Heidi, I finally can work on that effectively and grow. Heidi is very experienced, she works with clarity and empathy and can give support from multiple perspectives. I am very inspired by that and I am living a transformation which I had desired for such a long time: in my attitudes, my behavior, in my surroundings and first of all with the people around me. Hilde Weckmann    

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You keep inspiring me!

by Alexandra Zäch, Germany
"Adelheid and Mark, you keep inspiring me! Thank you for sharing so openly and vulnerably and being the encouraging living proof that there is no limit to growth, love and aliveness - be it background, old patterns or age! To this new way of being!" Alexandra  [...]

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Breakthrough during the Retreat

by Kristina Olsson,  Sweden
I found out how relaxed I have been during the retreat. That’s because we worked on Self love , and that it is not Narcissism. I have never been so relaxed in my life because I had lived within the belief that “love has to be earned” and “I am not loved, because I am not good enough”. I had the experience that I AM GOOD ENOUGH !! I don’t need to do more than what is enough. The difference I perceive to before I came here is not t[...] hat I am acting differently, but I FEEL differently. Much more quiet, everything is all right, COMPLETE! – is this a too big word? – NO. Kristina Olsson

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What a barrier the intellectual orientation was to me!!

by Birgitta Kogler Austria
When leaving last year I consciously and subconsciously took along many things and I experienced how it really made a big difference. By lack of attentiveness the effects became less over the year, but some things really stayed on. This time I came here quite sick. What I take along now is our special atmosphere which gives me the chance to relax and to be myself. Although being in a bad position by feeling weak and si[...] ck when I arrived here I felt beautifully received by the whole group. I take along many little things. The big thing is that I will take on a regular practice and I know that I am able to do it. From the exercise today I still feel a bit shaky because it is a big step – but I have done it. I was very moved by the support of the whole group when I experienced how my Younger Self is being rejected by my present self. This had created a general insecurity and especially my insecurity between pride and humility, as well as my inner feeling of humiliation. As the process developped with my younger Self appearing in person beside me, I actually could talk to her and really see her, how she feels and how she is left alone. That had been difficult for me before. I take the memory of the lovely company, the good food and the confidence that all the empowered things will happen. I understood what a barrier a one-sided intellectual orientation was to me and can be. Birgitta Kogler

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Maria Scheller

Overcoming obstacles in order to find the love of my life

by Maria Scheller Austria
  With Heidi I have experienced deep commitment and support which has held me while making difficult decisions in my life. There is a connection with her on which I can rely, always, even outside the coaching sessions which always lead me  back to ground where I come back to myself. With her way of receiving me and by her guiding me to my center, she again and again brought me to consciously know that I am a powerful and radiant woman [...] – my own radiant sun.  The past two years of my life were an exciting time, though there were many obstacles to overcome. I felt deeply understood and contained, all the time feeling directed toward me, a radiant, healthy, beautiful woman, calmly contained in herself, gladly willing to open up, the woman who I truly am and whose purpose it is to live and bring that woman out into the world. This was – and still is – amazing!  Thank you, Heidi. Maria Scheller

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Retreats at Paradiso Integrale – a transformational experience

by Celeste Snyder Kuwait
Wow, what an experience the retreat was for me. It was an experience like no other that I have ever had. I’m still digesting all that I learned about myself and about how dear we women are. The fact that we came together from so many different countries, yet we all share so many similar goals and desires was amazing. I want to congratulate everyone for giving their heart and soul to do the work necessary to be the best women w[...] e can be and live our lives to the fullest. I also want to thank  Adelheid, for making us feel so welcome and comfortable in her home. Your farm is such a perfect setting for the deep work that we did; it is absolutely gorgeous there and the food was really the best I’ve ever had in my life so delicious and wholesome.  I also  want to thank all of the leaders for sharing their wisdom and love in such a profound way. Each and every one of you has special gifts, and as a team, you did a marvelous job. .

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All my relationships have changed profoundly

by B.S. Germany       In occasion of my last visit at Paradiso Integrale I became ‚infected'  by the work with Heidi and since then my life is changing almost every day. We meet biweekly on phone and I would call our meetings ‘seeds’ which develop roots e grow with time into a beautiful splendid flower. All the relationships in my life have changed profoundly. Now I am able to meet my boss standing in my power. I am no longer[...] ready to work over time regularly and to my physical and psychological exhaustion. I  am able to present my needs – and I am respected more than before, at the contrary to what I had feared. The relationship to my father has become one from an adult perspective and the relationship with my father is thriving towards a real boquet of flowers. Sincerity, Uprightness and the renouncement to unexpressed expectations are the water through which these flowers grow. The colors of the flowers of my life become ever more expressive and alive. A gray and rainy day passes more easily and much quicker. All that is the fruit of the work with Heidi. B.S.

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Cassie-at-Yuraygir (1)

An opportunity to go where I needed to go

by Cassie Bond  Australia   Heidi gave me the opportunity to go where I needed to go without any pushing or struggle...She is what I believe to be an “Elder”.    [...]

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A tender language towards myself

 Carla M.  Austria Heidi is a great guide and teacher, calm, confident, empathic.  She...taught me a tender language toward myself... getting [me] in touch with the grown up and loving parts part of my personality and comforting the scared and overwhelmed child inside...  [...]

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In one word: “Integral”

Ian Blair Hamilton, Australia Adelheid demonstrates great yet humble confidence...always giving her all. I [was] taken into a space of silence and ‘questionlessness’. Adelheid in one word?  Integral.  [...]

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