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Listen to our new Episode on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday 2/25 at 5.30pm CET In this episode Mark talks about the men’s old view about sex and relationships and how it has evolved during the past 50 years. He starts with the basics of anatomical differences between men and women and how those differences affect the entire views on sexuality. It is amazing how, in the past, little we really knew about each other - and this works on the personal level and on the cultural level: men and women don't talk about what they really want and how they experience the relationship and, not to mention sexuality. The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango"/"Tango Lyrico" ( LC 11188)   The basic book for a relationship beyond your wildest dreams:

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Creating Relationships with Courage – Brigitte Ghannoum

This is the story of Brigitte Gannoum from Libanon who has called in her One from Germany. They are creating their relationship with Courage, for sure! Listen to what they share after a while that Brigitte has moved to Germany.    

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First European Integral Conference in Budapest May 8-11.2014

In the last decade, integral consciousness has emerged on the European continent on a large scale and has produced unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. These people have been waiting to meet each other.  Read more here Mark and Heidi have participated at the conference in 2014 and 2016. Every time it was a real blast. Days spent well together with many interesting people, knowledge and experience and wisdom wherever you went! In 2014 Heidi has held a 3 hour workshop about the "Evolution of your voice", In 2016 Heidi and Mark have given a presentation about "Integral Ageing". From here the interest in Ageing and how it could be different arose and led to a series of conversations and Int6erviews "Conscious Ageing". You find the program, the live events and replays at And an extra website dedicated to the topic INTEGRAL AGEING here:

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Finding Love – Beyond Your Wildest Dreams #1 – from a woman’s perspective

 Join us for our next episode on Blog Talk Radio  here This talk takes the perspective of a woman: how can she find the love she has deserved and never found so far? Heidi shares her own experience and what she did to find Mark and create with him this unusual and always longed for relationship. She guides you into the possibility so that you will be empowered to do for it, too. Contact us at or on facebook: (You can leave your comments there, too!) The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango"/"Tango Lyrico" ( LC 11188)  

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What women need to know about men – and men, too. By Mark Davenport

Mark begins to talk with Margherita Crystal Lotus about the lack of knowledge between men and women, the lack of communication and how this can develop and enable better ways of relating and understanding.

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