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Men’s issues in Relationships – an Interview with Raymond Fismer

What are the difficulties for men in their relationships and how can they handle them? Relationships seem to be easy when we have just fallen in love. In time things change - they always do - and we need to change consequently if we want to maintain our relationships and even bring it to true flourishing. Raymond Fismer, expert for men's work has led many groups of men to a better understanding of their roles in their relationships and has contributed greatly to the resolution of their problems. He will explore with us the unhappiness within relationships and how to develop new capacities to evolve, as a person and inside the couple. Raymond Fismer is a physicist who has done the path of development which he is teaching now to other men. He is board member of the German Integral Association (Integrales Forum) and deeply interested in bringing the integral worldview as outlined by Ken Wilber out into [...]

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When something intrudes into your relationship – what to do? by Heidi Hörnlein and Mark Davenport

It is practically inevitable that something will come up and disturb the couplehood of your intimate relationship. More often than not this will be a child which turns upside down the relationship – we will talk about this in a special episode. Another “third party” is work, the career, a passion which one of the partners is following while the other might not have similar ambitions and feels abandoned, neglected and alone. Another strong intrusion into the couple might be the need to take care of family members. How to deal with all these difficulties and how to maintain the relationship alive and even bring it to a higher level? Listen to one of the episodes of PARADISE TALKS - our BlogTalk RadioShow (it takes a little to come up, sorry!)   Online Relationships Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Paradise Talks on BlogTalkRadio

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After the IEC Conference in Budapest

After the IEC Conference in Budapest   Scarcely had we said goodby to our Retreat guests when we hurried into preparations to leave for The first Integral European Conference in Budapest, learning too late to change flights that we would miss some preconference meetings.  But that was about the only organizational snafu of the whole 8 day affair.  Amazing!   I’ll repeat: Amazing!  Bence Gante’s hand was evident in the smooth operation of the entire week plus.  He had prepared thoroughly, selected team mates who were outstanding, and swam easily with the flow as schedules needed adapting and history overtook plans.   The first evening (April 7) featured a lovely buffet on a cruise boat that gave us a complete view of all the famous sights (and bridges) along the through the city course of the Danube.  This set a tone for the conference which never strayed far from including the beautiful with the good and the [...]

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After the spring retreat at Paradiso Integrale, May 2014, by Mark Davenport

Looking back after a mad 3 day dash to Budapest for the first Integral European Conference, It’s hard to believe the retreat already ended nearly a month ago! But what a retreat it was!  Four or five days and nights (depending on how you count them) of close contact with old friends, making firm new ones, wonderful food from our prize-winning next door italian cook, strengthening the bonds between long term couples, aiding singles to “prepare” themselves for fulfilling relationships, adventures in voice work, encouraging self-disclosure (also from me!), local sightseeing, including climbing a local high point (Monte Soratte, 700 meters) where we practiced a listening exercise.  And by-and-large the weather cooperated!   That list doesn’t do justice to those experiences.  The deep takeaways involved the “ahah!” moments especially between couples: Heidi skillfully led them to a “safe place” where it was OK for couples to reveal to their long term partners things that they never had [...]

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