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EMOTIONAL EATING – what about The Power of Relationship with Ourselves? This is a lively discussion with Tracy Baker, Margherita Crystal Lotus and Heidi Hörnlein about a hot topic which concerns so many women of today. Not only that we are feeling bad about the extra piece of chocolate - which is considered weakness anyway - we also get the constant reminder that we are NOT the way we SHOULD be, slim and "beautiful" according to a scheme which bans roundness as not appropriate for women. This can only happen in a society where we have an extreme abundance of food (which is not always healthy, btw) so that the way to distinguish yourself from others you need to renounce on food. Paradoxical times. And it is called "Emotional Eating" - sounds like a disorder, doesn't it? I invite you to listen to our conversation and to tell us how you think about it by writing your comments here or on youtube!

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The Power of relationship with Animals – Heidi is guest in the MIA Connect show   The Power of Relationship as revealed by animals: This would be a wonderful integration of my work which is based more on inner process work via altered states of consciousness, to find out and get conscious the inner blockages. With the horse you enter into a direct feeling  connection and it makes you understand immediately when you are not real, when your energy is not in the way it could be. I, Heidi,  was deeply honored to have been invited into Mia's show this week where she presented "Detail", a very sensitive horse with which Devon Combs is doing "Horse-Therapy" with people who are in research of their emotional balance. I got the following testimonial by Devon: Devon Combs mentioned you in a comment on Mia Voss's event.+Adelheid Hörnlein  thank you so much for being a part of this show and I loved hearing about your beautiful work and the amazing retreats you are offering!  Detail [...]

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Conjunctive Communication – VIP Day

A VIP DAY is designed to serve best your necessities. 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon you will be live with us from where ever you live and you will be led into the same deep work which we are offering for groups in our retreats. There is all the space you need to identify your visions and goals and to recognize and overcome the blocks which so far didn't allow you to really go for them. This transformational work will open you up for the greatest possibilities in your life and you will be guided to do the first baby steps in that directions. We will outline for you the future you are heading to and give you a process plan you can consult on your way to your fulfillment..          

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“It’s gonna take patience and time to become human”- with Monika Frühwirth and Heidi Hornlein   George Harrison's song expresses the insight of Monika Frühwirt. She is speaking out of the experience of 7decades of an intense life which was dedicated to the *evolution of consciousness* in herself and others: It's gonna take patience and time to become human Thanks to Monika the *philosophy of +Ken Wilber* was introduced and spread in Germany by her constant efforts in translating texts, publishing articles, editing print media and creating the German Integral Association together with some like minded people. Monika was one of the first women in the German Integral scene which at first was very head biased - the enthusiasm about a brilliant theory. She introduced the "feminine integral consciousness field", a self-organized group of women who tried to translate the theory into their every day life practice. *In this HOA Monika will share with you her wisdom about what really matters in life* . it will give you an impression how [...]

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Men have boxes in their brains and women wires

Men and Women - what is the difference? - well, men have boxes in their brains and women wires - as shown clearly in this video So often we are worrying about the fact that we are soooo different, that in our relationships we have continuous problems of understanding each other or in organizing things. This is a wonderful way full of laughter for understanding how men and women are different, really different, by the structure of their brains and how it works. You will have some "deja vu" - experience" for sure!   See full list on Listly

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New Soundcloud experience THE FEMININE IN INTEGRAL

"THE FEMININE IN INTEGRAL" -episode #3 of the Hangouts I have done with the Spanish Integralist Raquel Torrent. Here is the audio version. To watch the talk in video please visit my Youtube channel, here the direct link to the talk:  

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