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Your Voice Counts – first heal the relationship to yourself!

The importance to develop and heal the relationship with oneself In this episode of CONNECTIONS our special guest Vivekanada Baindoor Rao gave a wonderful example in real time how we can heal the relationship to ourselves and thus become able to step up and bring out into the world our message and fulfill our calling. Also the content he shared was really eyeopening and allows us to understand and to discriminate where we are ourselves: are we on "Mount Stupid" or is that what we are bringing out coming from real expertise and knowing? A good question for everybody whose mission is teaching, coaching etc...... Surely for me and my endeavor to help people to create better relationships.  

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Building New Relationships by an Hangout on G+ by Heidi Hornlein   The wonderful thing of being on Google+ is the opportunity of building rich RELATIONSHIPS among the people you get in contact with. So when I stumbled upon a post of Wayne Meador about Self-Sufficiency and Freedom i felt urged to answer, as I have had a lot of experience with that issue by living more than 25 years on a hilly farm in Umbria in Italy, in "PARADISO INTEGRALE". We wrote back and forth and then planned to talk publicly about it in a Google hangout. And then, timely enough, there was another post on G+ by Courtney Sullivan about the often missing consideration for the people who really do the hard work when the conversation goes around self-sufficiency. The Power of relationship is manifesting itself also by the wonderful technology provided by Google for free. And here is the result of getting to know each other and you can watch it and write your [...]

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An amazing four-way interview

A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson interviewed by Renate and Ian McNay: My wife, Adelheid “Heidi” Hörnlein and I began watching this video out of our respect for Almaas and out of curiosity about his long term relationship with his partner, Karen Johnson. Knowing little about their personal life, we presumed that they were in an intimate and sexual relationship and were surprised to learn that they were in fact “just” colleagues. Well, colleagues in an intense and very personal as well as professional sense, but with limits as they both have spouses. But there’s more. As the interview progressed, both Almaas and Ian gradually “took a back seat” to the interchanges between Karen and Renate, Ian’s wife. Almaas ‘s explanations took a definite “masculine” turn while Karen’s more “feminine” view illustrated vividly and practically his more theoretical approach. And Ian became ever more quiet, perhaps recognising that Renate and Karen were relating intimately and should not [...]

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Love Magic: the Power of Relationship with Your Own Emotions The Power of Relationship: the relationship you have with yourself and your emotions Is it a fashion today? Everybody is talking about love and compassion, spirituality is “In” and everywhere those words stream out of peoples mouths. And more often than not these words are only lip service – not that people don't want to be loving and full of compassion, they might have the very honest intention – the thing is that “normal” people just don’t know how to do it. “How to love, really love, is a skill which needs to be learned. It is not just a volatile emotional highlight as many of us still think, it is much more than that! It begins with self-love, self-acceptance by deep self-knowledge and connection to who we really are – not necessarily in the “normal” spiritual sense, but who you really are as a person in this earthly life. Our guest in this show of [...]

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