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The Relationship with Animals as Spiritual Practice -Heidi Hörnlein

HOW CAN WE MANAGE DIFFICULT MOMENTS, WHEN WE ENTERINTOO STRESS AND OUR EMOTIONS RUN AMOK? These are the moments when we can realize what kind of relationship we have to ourselves. Are we able to calm down or do we get deeper and deeper into overwhelm and hyper excitement? In our last show of CONNECTION with special guest Vicki Lewis we explored the possibilities to learn how to do this. Several techniques were explained which are equally used in spiritual communities, like for instance the breathing exercises and the concentration on the body. At about 23:15 Vicki disclosed her ability to communicate with animals and there was an animated discussion about our relationship with animals. What is the difference? What are animals communicating to us. The conclusion: LIVING WITH ANIMALS IS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE

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How Integral Changes Everything – with Scott Marshall and Heidi Hörnlein

This is one of our PRE-EVENTS  for the WISDOM FACTORY with the creator of the colorful artwork  SCOTT MARSHALL He shares with you how his life changed radically when he came in contact with the INTEGRAL WORLDVIEW. It is an inspiration for everyone to get curious and to see what is in for them, how their life can change to the better when they see themselves and the world from a different perspective which - all of the sudden - makes sense. Visit The WISDOM FACTORY and especially the video archive on Integral Theory and our Life

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Who holds the power in a relationship?

I just came across an article by  Robbie Gonzalez which I want to share with you, my audience in regard to relationships. who holds the power in a relationship? It is surprising how we can detect by the use of specific words how the authority relationship between people is. Go back to your email exchange with a boss or with your beloved and have a look who is using the word "I" more often, who is speaking more about him or herself? And guess what the power-relationship is between you and the other person? Check out this article  and have fun in finding out! I especially like the quote at the end of the article citing Alix Spiegel: "You can't  change who you are by changing your language; you can only change your language by changing who you are".This is what  his research indicates.  

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