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The mystery of Life and Death

A journey through  belief systems and their impact on life and death.   I am in a age where deaths begin to occur, parents, schoolmates, lovers, even children. My father died 30 years ago of cancer in age 59. Everybody agreed that he was “too young” to die, but he didn’t make it in face of the ultimate failure of his life’s goal: to be elected as the first mayor of our city. Life seemed not to give him any more a stimulus to go on and so he died with in a few months. He died at home, my mother was the main caretaker, assisted by myself or my sister. It was an intense time which took me 20 years to finally integrate. I had dared to look into his eyes, to create a deep heart connection with him, be there for him – while everybody else was only concerned about the outward care, the morphine [...]

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Endings are not the END – how to make transitions easy

From the beginning of our life we are going through periods  of beginning, blossoming and then ending. With every new triumph we have to let go the previously known ease of being. This becomes most obvious in our transition from childhood to becoming an adult. The teenage years are a challenge to all young people - and you might have some equivocal memories of your own as well. Marriage, your own children - who finally leave home, your professional life begins, changes, maybe ends all together. Your husband or wife leaves you for somebody else. Painful experiences, but yet, life goes on and we have a right to live it fully and not get stuck by what has happened by the actions of other people, not even if they are as close as the own family. Then your parents die, friends, your spouse or even your child - and now? Or you have to face your own death, your [...]

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Integral Flow Therapy – an experiential way to grow

Talking about RELATIONSHIPS: Are your relationships in a flow? Are they easygoing, smooth and satisfying? And how is your relationship to yourself? These are the topics we often talk about here in this blog. To create really good relationships with others necessitates to have a REALLY good relationship with ourselves and from there go out into the world. My friend Bence Ganti is really successful with his "Flow Therapy", which is not really a therapy for when you are not well, but it is a process for growing up and waking up. As you know, we are working on the same subject but with different methods.  Interesting to watch others and how they do their work (I participated in one of his workshops which was great) Check out the website of the Integral Academy in Budapest HERE 

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Awakening the elephant in you – to your relationship with life

Considering the topic RELATIONSHIPS from a different perspective: What can our relationship with animals teach us about us and our relationship to ourselves and others? In this period this exact question shows up for me ever and ever again. Not by chance, I guess! Here a conversation with Sangita Iyer,(recording from our show "Connections Forum") a woman born in India in close contacts with elephants - and then, when she went to Canada and adopted the life in western civilization she completely forgot about them. Then, some years ago, coming back to India and being confronted with the reality there, she was touched deeply by the suffering of her beloved elephants and she decided to create a film "Gods in Chains" which will come out soon. Sangita since her return to India created a strong bond to elephants again and she understood much better than in childhood what humans can learn from them. So she created an [...]

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What relationship do you have with your pets? – by Heidi Hörnlein

    This is Tommy, my favorite cat. When he came to me 11 years ago he was 4 months old but so tiny that he would stay in my open hand. He needed to be protected against the dog and the older and bigger cats. This was the beginning of our intimate journey together: he alone allowed into the house, even into the bedroom, special conditions everywhere beginning with the special food to make him catch up with his growth and many special treats to come. Now Tommy is ill, seriously, his thyroid is completely crazy, his heartbeat extremely high and he doesn't want to eat. He lies somewhere, half dead, sad, unhappy, and I am sad and unhappy, too. I posted this photo and a short text, asking people to send healing energy to him, 2 days ago on G+ -- and I was blown away by the response: so far 762 plusses and 34 [...]

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