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The importance of Alignment – Heidi Hornlein invited by Dr.Alan Chong

Dr.Alan Chong and his HOA show: Healthier, Happier YOU.  Heidi was invited to share her thoughts and insights about the importance of alignment. Physical alignment was first possible by the manipulation of a chiropractor which made it possible for her - the first time in her life - to stay really UPRIGHT.  Then she experienced that the body regulated itself to be upright in the moment of stepping into her full and authentic voice while singing, when the breathing and the emanation were aligned with the body and the intention to send out the musical message. Personal growth is also the result of the alignment with our highest visions of ourselves, what we want to become and what our soul's purpose is.  

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Competition as only drive for evolution?

My husband told me about a thread in facebook where  someone  presented some ideas - and then this tread was taken over by men who were fighting about who was better and more right than the other - and the sense of the discussion was completely lost in the battle of predominancy.   Nothing unusual, you might say. But there is a BUT. The people involved claim to be “highly evolved” in the “integral state of consciousness” and on the “leading edge of our present culture”.   Wow! Do they really believe that about themselves? Don’t they instead behave like humans have behaved for thousands of years? The fight for “being the boss” and dim down the others under MY power? If not physical power, it has become the power of the mind, the power of knowing more - all still used in the very old ways of putting oneself on the pedestal and devaluating others. Far [...]

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