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What does VEGETARIANISM have to do with the PRESERVATION of abundant LIFE on our planet? (by Heidi Hornlein)

  Somehow this TED Talk featuring Allan Savory just now landed on my desktop. Though it was published two years ago, I have finally got to see and to love it: Watch it - and you will never think the same about Nature, Animals, Vegetarianism and how to create a “better world”. And this is what I (Heidi) think about the topic: Yes, vegetarianism has  a lot to do with the health of the planet - but not necessarily in the sense we are used to looking at it. It is a fashion today - at least in our Western countries, to become a vegetarian, maybe even a vegan. No animals should die for our nutrition, for our clothing and for all the other things for which animal products are still used. The individual reasons for not consuming animal products, especially as food, are sometimes well thought through and reasonable, sometimes a fantasy or a wishful belief [...]

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Fun and Relaxation in August – Come and join us! (by Heidi Hornlein)

Wow! Already August - and still busy and stressed? Shouldn’t this be the month for holidays, for relaxation and finally for getting in some fun? Where are all the GOOD things we always have postponed until “later” - when we believe we finally will have some time to take care of ourselves and to enjoy life.   Well, the truth is, this LATER is NOW or NEVER!   Yes, I know that YOU know. Theoretically we know already all the things which would be good for us: movement, calmness, joy, relaxation, being focused when needed and totally immersed in LIFE all the time….   How is your reality? Mine certainly looks like constant waves, times in which I easily feel like “having it all” and other times when I am so involved in my projects that I hardly notice that the whole day has already gone, with neither having done any body movement nor having dedicated some [...]

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