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Spring Retreat in Our Paradise GREAT NEWS!   Paradiso Integrale's annual springtime retreat is OPEN TO MEN and WOMEN, single or in couple!     Naturally, this means that the focus this spring will be on your adult RELATIONSHIPS of the alternately confusing and enrapturing sort that only close intimacy can engender.   You will enter a beautiful and curative landscape among olive groves overlooking the Tiber valley in Umbria, an hour north of Rome.   There you will be catered by a prize-winning Italian cook who is our next-door neighbor.   And there is a NEW PROGRAM also.  Not that the tried and true has been discarded, but you'll find it tailored to the needs of intimate partners in the 21st century.   So you'll be treated to:   what neuroscience has to say about men and women what that means for your desired relationship how our relationships change both in history and in our own stages of growth what [...]

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SEX – Stories from the Front Lines

  David Cates and Christiane Palmas in a very intense  and touching talk about Sex in Integral Center in Boulder. They are addressing an area of our lives which is still in the dark, still somehow taboo or at least awkward. It is time that we address this topic, when we want our relationships to thrive, and especially our sexual relationships. The original video was deleted with the shutting down of the Integral Center,   Watch the conversation with Christiane Pelmas with Heidi and Mark (within The Wisdom Factory): click here: 

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