Heidi and Mark

Heidi and Mark – the chief guardians of PARADISO INTEGRALE

Heidi and Mark, your Chief Guardians, at Paradiso Integrale,

are welcoming you for an embrace.


It’s an embrace of your body – where you take the time to understand what yours truly needs. For every muscle. Every limb. Every heartbeat.


It’s an embrace of your soul – we delve into the depths of yours, pinpoint where the nourishment is missing, and start to heal.


It’s an embrace of your mind – the place where your emotions try and make sense. We clarify your thought processes and adapt them to give them strength.



Paradise Integrale is a retreat like no other.



Located in Umbria, an hour north of Rome, it has 25 acres of rolling hills and natural beauty. It’s the perfect place to catch your breath, push the pause button on life, and allow the stillness to reveal who you were put on this Earth to be.

 Autum landscape

Paradiso Integrale is your opportunity to break out of your routine, to take some time for you (or you and your partner) and truly understand what it means to communicate.


It’s the recess from life that you’ve been waiting for. The time for you to finally put a stop on the destructive behaviours that have been ruling your relationships.


It’s the escape that takes the thinking out of healing. Our structured approach helps you break down your old thinking behaviors and recreate them to fuel the next phase of your life.



Paradiso Integrale is not an indulgence. It’s a necessity.



 Sunset from Paradiso Integrale

Sunset from Paradiso Integrale

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Join us. Your transformation is waiting