Looking back after a mad 3 day dash to Budapest for the first Integral European Conference, It’s hard to believe the retreat already ended nearly a month ago!

But what a retreat it was!  Four or five days and nights (depending on how you count them) of close contact with old friends, making firm new ones, wonderful food from our prize-winning next door italian cook, strengthening the bonds between long term couples, aiding singles to “prepare” themselves for fulfilling relationships, adventures in voice work, encouraging self-disclosure (also from me!), local sightseeing, including climbing a local high point (Monte Soratte, 700 meters) where we practiced a listening exercise.  And by-and-large the weather cooperated!


That list doesn’t do justice to those experiences.  The deep takeaways involved the “ahah!” moments especially between couples: Heidi skillfully led them to a “safe place” where it was OK for couples to reveal to their long term partners things that they never had known about before!  Miraculous closeness and sharing lubricated this penetration to new depths in those relationships which had seemed quite “OK” already.


For me, a special growth point was presenting and leading a discussion on sex roles through the ages as mirrored in the stages of our own individual development. It involved a new level of self disclosure in such a semi-public way that I have a new feeling of confidence for further presentations.

And Heidi’s growth as a facilitator for such a venue is evident from the clear growth demonstrated by all the participants, including the one single participant. Heidi’s hand was also evident by the skillful responses to changing demands that inevitably ask for a smooth and invisible hand “making things happen” as if they were planned that way all along.

Our next retreat will be this fall, from September 24 through 28, here at Paradiso Integrale in beautiful Umbria.  It’ll be for both men and women whether as couples or singly.  For details e-mail us at: info@ThePowerOfRelationship.com.