You may also be looking for some more gender specific help with relationships – whether they be romantic, familial, work related, or more broadly social.  We will help with those problems by adapting the principles outlined above to the particular slant required of a man at the beginning of this century.

You may have noticed that men are in a difficult situation in contemporary society and you may see it as your problem alone to figure out.  After all, isn’t that how men operate – doing things by themselves, convinced that they should be able to handle all situations alone, be autonomous, independent, never showing “weakness”?

Do you find yourself confused, angry, maybe even wanting to smack someone (or worse!) because there doesn’t seem to be a satisfying position to be in either at home or at work.  Have you undergone a divorce or separation from loved ones that leaves you without emotional support and comfort?  Do you see your ever more hard-earned money being sent to your children you seldom or never see?

Do you wonder if it’s worth the bother and frustration to attempt another close relationship with a woman after all the pain of past break-ups?  How about at work?  Are you just “ putting up” with the job and the boss because you need to keep some money coming in, even though the work itself is not satisfying?  Are you reluctant to share even with friends the pain you feel, the dead-endedness of your situation?

But if you would like some help understanding and overcoming the circumstances that you find yourself in so that you can move on to an abundant life with satisfying relationships, look no further.

We will look at the history of the past half-century or so, examining what has happened to gender roles since the rise of “Women’s’ Lib” in the 1960’s, where and why that has put men temporarily in what seems to be a “catch up as best you can” position.  You will learn how our culture’s leaps forward often create “collateral damage” however unintentionally, that it’s not your fault that you have been caught up in profound cultural change.

You will learn what you can do once you understand this and feeling like a victim will fall away.  Our tools and practices will restore those old feelings of purpose and connection with others.  Curiosity will replace doubt and fear.  Sex itself will be transformed into a shared experience like you have never known before because you will know her -and she will know you – in a deeper and more intimate way than was ever possible under the “old rules.”

Part of that new experience of intimacy will come about with a simple and joyful re-introduction to the sense of touch, that sense so important and so often beyond words, but often misunderstood by both men and women in their “close encounters.” The intelligence of the body itself will guide you and intimacy will cease feeling like a “minefield” where each touch could risk an explosion and potential disaster.