The wonderful thing of being on Google+ is the opportunity of building rich RELATIONSHIPS among the people you get in contact with. So when I stumbled upon a post of Wayne Meador about Self-Sufficiency and Freedom i felt urged to answer, as I have had a lot of experience with that issue by living more than 25 years on a hilly farm in Umbria in Italy, in “PARADISO INTEGRALE”.

We wrote back and forth and then planned to talk publicly about it in a Google hangout. And then, timely enough, there was another post on G+ by Courtney Sullivan about the often missing consideration for the people who really do the hard work when the conversation goes around self-sufficiency.

The Power of relationship is manifesting itself also by the wonderful technology provided by Google for free. And here is the result of getting to know each other and you can watch it and write your comments, whenever you like. And when you come over to Google+ and join me, who knows, maybe you will be featured soon in one of our upcoming shows!