Spring Retreat in Our Paradise GREAT NEWS!   Paradiso Integrale's annual springtime retreat is OPEN TO MEN and WOMEN, single or in couple!     Naturally, this means that the focus this spring will be on your adult RELATIONSHIPS of the alternately confusing and enrapturing sort that only close intimacy can engender.   You will enter a beautiful and curative landscape among olive groves overlooking the Tiber valley in Umbria, an hour north of Rome.   There you will be catered by a prize-winning Italian cook who is our next-door neighbor.   And there is a NEW PROGRAM also.  Not that the tried and true has been discarded, but you'll find it tailored to the needs of intimate partners in the 21st century.   So you'll be treated to:   what neuroscience has to say about men and women what that means for your desired relationship how our relationships change both in history and in our own stages of growth what [...]

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Stop the RealtionshiT – Grow Your Relations

More than 50 % of the Western population as divorced or never married. The good old relationship which lasted “until death do us part” hardly exists any more in the Western world - and if a couple succeeds to live the whole life together than they have or done a lot of work to grow together or they leed a relationship which doesn’t really merit this name.   I believe that everyone who has reached a certain age, let’s say 40, has lived one or more periods of “relationshiT”, periods of anger, disappointment, insatisfaction or worse. Some people sort of accept that life is like this and go on as a victim with no hope for a better future by tolerating what is done to them - or what they themselves do to others. Some people chose to separate or divorce and to find a different mate with whom the same game most probably goes on again. [...]

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Fun and Relaxation in August – Come and join us! (by Heidi Hornlein)

Wow! Already August - and still busy and stressed? Shouldn’t this be the month for holidays, for relaxation and finally for getting in some fun? Where are all the GOOD things we always have postponed until “later” - when we believe we finally will have some time to take care of ourselves and to enjoy life.   Well, the truth is, this LATER is NOW or NEVER!   Yes, I know that YOU know. Theoretically we know already all the things which would be good for us: movement, calmness, joy, relaxation, being focused when needed and totally immersed in LIFE all the time….   How is your reality? Mine certainly looks like constant waves, times in which I easily feel like “having it all” and other times when I am so involved in my projects that I hardly notice that the whole day has already gone, with neither having done any body movement nor having dedicated some [...]

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EMOTIONAL EATING – what about The Power of Relationship with Ourselves? This is a lively discussion with Tracy Baker, Margherita Crystal Lotus and Heidi Hörnlein about a hot topic which concerns so many women of today. Not only that we are feeling bad about the extra piece of chocolate - which is considered weakness anyway - we also get the constant reminder that we are NOT the way we SHOULD be, slim and "beautiful" according to a scheme which bans roundness as not appropriate for women. This can only happen in a society where we have an extreme abundance of food (which is not always healthy, btw) so that the way to distinguish yourself from others you need to renounce on food. Paradoxical times. And it is called "Emotional Eating" - sounds like a disorder, doesn't it? I invite you to listen to our conversation and to tell us how you think about it by writing your comments here or on youtube!

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New Soundcloud experience THE FEMININE IN INTEGRAL

"THE FEMININE IN INTEGRAL" -episode #3 of the Hangouts I have done with the Spanish Integralist Raquel Torrent. Here is the audio version. To watch the talk in video please visit my Youtube channel, here the direct link to the talk:  

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Interiority – and the Integral Conference in Budapest Listen to our recent talk: Raquel Torrent and Heidi Hörnlein: At 10:15 Raquel is leading you in a meditative exercise within the "upper left quadrant" = interiority At 33.30 we are talking about the experience we had participating in the first European integral Conference in Budapest about a week ago enjoy the talk!!      

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Voice consciousness and singingTomorrow

Tomorrow April 10th at 3pm CET another talk with Kate Barbour about Singing as a path of personal growth and consciousness. Here is the event page to listen in. What has this to do with "The Power Of Relationship"? Well, it is all about the relationship with yourself and with the world - or better with what you believe is possible for you in your life, in this world.

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Teresa listened to our show – and guess what happened

On tuesday march 4th at 5.30pm CET live on BloTalkRadio You can listen live here  . You will find the replay here in our website under "Paradise Talks" We invite our listeners to bring forth topics they want to be discussed. Teresa contacted us with the question:"How can I find love and partnership if I have to take care for my parents full time?". We invited her to talk with us in our show. Here she tells you what has happened to her since she took on her question seriously in preparation to the show. This is an amazing testimonial of how change can happen in almost miraculous ways. Listen to her story! find Teresa on facebook: The music we are using is by Mulo Francel and Evelyn Huber, called "Liber Tango"/"Tango Lyrico" ( LC 11188)

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First European Integral Conference in Budapest May 8-11.2014

In the last decade, integral consciousness has emerged on the European continent on a large scale and has produced unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. These people have been waiting to meet each other.  Read more here Mark and Heidi have participated at the conference in 2014 and 2016. Every time it was a real blast. Days spent well together with many interesting people, knowledge and experience and wisdom wherever you went! In 2014 Heidi has held a 3 hour workshop about the "Evolution of your voice", In 2016 Heidi and Mark have given a presentation about "Integral Ageing". From here the interest in Ageing and how it could be different arose and led to a series of conversations and Int6erviews "Conscious Ageing". You find the program, the live events and replays at And an extra website dedicated to the topic INTEGRAL AGEING here:

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certainty and confidence

Yesterday a wonderful telesummit started: "Certainty and Confidence". Tee Ming, the likeable lady who lately has interviewed us, has gathered people to speak about how they entered into this state of mind and were able to create success in their lives. If you are interested to join or watch the replays, contact Tee Ming Ooi via her youtube Channel  or Linkedin Profile There is one call a day for about 10 days at noon pacific. Enjoy! Also watch an Interview which Tee Ming has done with Heidi and Mark - with which she introduced us to the world of Google Hangout Live Streaming How can we create a relationship beyond our wildest dreams?

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