Creating Relationships with Courage – Brigitte Ghannoum

This is the story of Brigitte Gannoum from Libanon who has called in her One from Germany. They are creating their relationship with Courage, for sure! Listen to what they share after a while that Brigitte has moved to Germany.    

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certainty and confidence

Yesterday a wonderful telesummit started: "Certainty and Confidence". Tee Ming, the likeable lady who lately has interviewed us, has gathered people to speak about how they entered into this state of mind and were able to create success in their lives. If you are interested to join or watch the replays, contact Tee Ming Ooi via her youtube Channel  or Linkedin Profile There is one call a day for about 10 days at noon pacific. Enjoy! Also watch an Interview which Tee Ming has done with Heidi and Mark - with which she introduced us to the world of Google Hangout Live Streaming How can we create a relationship beyond our wildest dreams?

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