Sex, Purpose, Love: Couples in Integral Relationships

A conversation with the author of the book Martin Ucik The ideas of creating robots for sex seem to somehow make obsolete the question: how are sex and relationships, connected with a deeper purpose valid tools for creating a better world? What would you prefer? Creating a better world by couples in intimate relationships which combine sexuality and a common purpose. Or sex-robots as the inevitable idea in a technology obsessed humanity? I don’t know you, but only the idea of sex-robots make me shiver and envision a world where the isolation and separation has arrived at the extreme. If the biological need for sex doesn’t lead anymore to look for other people to create bonding but just to a machine which can give you some mechanical satisfaction - how can we survive as humans, let alone THRIVE? In my opinion this leads to a destruction from the inside out, by messing [...]

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SEX – Stories from the Front Lines

  David Cates and Christiane Palmas in a very intense  and touching talk about Sex in Integral Center in Boulder. They are addressing an area of our lives which is still in the dark, still somehow taboo or at least awkward. It is time that we address this topic, when we want our relationships to thrive, and especially our sexual relationships. The original video was deleted with the shutting down of the Integral Center,   Watch the conversation with Christiane Pelmas with Heidi and Mark (within The Wisdom Factory): click here: 

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Do you want to understand your woman? -A guide for men

If you find yourself in continuous trouble with your woman, misunderstandings and anger coming up in her and yourself, you might need something which translates "woman-language" into what they really mean! If you want to understand your woman watch this short fun video - and next time you know how to create happiness instead of nasty atmosphere!  

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Having Fun While Ageing – with Heidi Hornlein and Mark Davenport

    I remember when I was 13 years old and my aunt was 40 - and I thought to myself: she is REALLY old. I will NEVER be as old as she is. And I remember well when I turned 40 and all the prejudices of our society kicked in about ageing and I had a time where I believed that I was old then and that my life was practically over. Now, more than 20 years later things have changed dramatically. I feel younger than ever, I am more active - maybe not physically, but all together - and I don't get stopped any more by what others or society as a whole think about me or what I am doing. Yes, many people I meet thin that I am a little crazy, I should play with grandchildren instead of studying computer programs, social media, marketing and other weird stuff which young people are supposed [...]

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The Gift of Death – The Journey from Fear to Acceptance by Heidi Hornlein

I was guest in the first episode of a HOA Show addressing a topic which ranks very high on the TABU list: DEATH +Myste Lyn and +Patty Burgess Brecht are committed to bring death and dying out of the tabu zone and to enable us who - sooner or later - all come into contact with this experience in life to become calm and able to talk about it, as well as get familiar with what it really is - as opposed of assumptions created by fear and denial.  I was grateful for the opportunity to speak about the first part of my journey from Fear of Death to assisting my father who died of cancer and of establishing an unexpected and amazing relationship with him on his death bed. (Photo by Sam Rock Cooper)

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Awakening the elephant in you – to your relationship with life

Considering the topic RELATIONSHIPS from a different perspective: What can our relationship with animals teach us about us and our relationship to ourselves and others? In this period this exact question shows up for me ever and ever again. Not by chance, I guess! Here a conversation with Sangita Iyer,(recording from our show "Connections Forum") a woman born in India in close contacts with elephants - and then, when she went to Canada and adopted the life in western civilization she completely forgot about them. Then, some years ago, coming back to India and being confronted with the reality there, she was touched deeply by the suffering of her beloved elephants and she decided to create a film "Gods in Chains" which will come out soon. Sangita since her return to India created a strong bond to elephants again and she understood much better than in childhood what humans can learn from them. So she created an [...]

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Your Voice Counts – first heal the relationship to yourself!

The importance to develop and heal the relationship with oneself In this episode of CONNECTIONS our special guest Vivekanada Baindoor Rao gave a wonderful example in real time how we can heal the relationship to ourselves and thus become able to step up and bring out into the world our message and fulfill our calling. Also the content he shared was really eyeopening and allows us to understand and to discriminate where we are ourselves: are we on "Mount Stupid" or is that what we are bringing out coming from real expertise and knowing? A good question for everybody whose mission is teaching, coaching etc...... Surely for me and my endeavor to help people to create better relationships.  

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Love Magic: the Power of Relationship with Your Own Emotions The Power of Relationship: the relationship you have with yourself and your emotions Is it a fashion today? Everybody is talking about love and compassion, spirituality is “In” and everywhere those words stream out of peoples mouths. And more often than not these words are only lip service – not that people don't want to be loving and full of compassion, they might have the very honest intention – the thing is that “normal” people just don’t know how to do it. “How to love, really love, is a skill which needs to be learned. It is not just a volatile emotional highlight as many of us still think, it is much more than that! It begins with self-love, self-acceptance by deep self-knowledge and connection to who we really are – not necessarily in the “normal” spiritual sense, but who you really are as a person in this earthly life. Our guest in this show of [...]

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EMOTIONAL EATING – what about The Power of Relationship with Ourselves? This is a lively discussion with Tracy Baker, Margherita Crystal Lotus and Heidi Hörnlein about a hot topic which concerns so many women of today. Not only that we are feeling bad about the extra piece of chocolate - which is considered weakness anyway - we also get the constant reminder that we are NOT the way we SHOULD be, slim and "beautiful" according to a scheme which bans roundness as not appropriate for women. This can only happen in a society where we have an extreme abundance of food (which is not always healthy, btw) so that the way to distinguish yourself from others you need to renounce on food. Paradoxical times. And it is called "Emotional Eating" - sounds like a disorder, doesn't it? I invite you to listen to our conversation and to tell us how you think about it by writing your comments here or on youtube!

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The Power of relationship with Animals – Heidi is guest in the MIA Connect show   The Power of Relationship as revealed by animals: This would be a wonderful integration of my work which is based more on inner process work via altered states of consciousness, to find out and get conscious the inner blockages. With the horse you enter into a direct feeling  connection and it makes you understand immediately when you are not real, when your energy is not in the way it could be. I, Heidi,  was deeply honored to have been invited into Mia's show this week where she presented "Detail", a very sensitive horse with which Devon Combs is doing "Horse-Therapy" with people who are in research of their emotional balance. I got the following testimonial by Devon: Devon Combs mentioned you in a comment on Mia Voss's event.+Adelheid Hörnlein  thank you so much for being a part of this show and I loved hearing about your beautiful work and the amazing retreats you are offering!  Detail [...]

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