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What about getting older? – Integral Ageing at the Integral European Conference

Racism - sexism -- AGEISM!? You recognize it when it comes to you, with 40 (when people tell you you should better buy expensive cosmetics for not getting wrinkles), with 50 (when we women go into menopause: no fertility - does it mean we are useless?), with 60 when people consider you to be old [...]

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Stop the RealtionshiT – Grow Your Relations

More than 50 % of the Western population as divorced or never married. The good old relationship which lasted “until death do us part” hardly exists any more in the Western world - and if a couple succeeds to live the whole life together than they have or done a lot of work to grow [...]

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Transform Your Relationships – with CONJUNCTIVE COMMUNICATION

Why would you you feel a need to transform your relationships? Our human relationships can grow and thrive when we find a way to be together with respect and appreciation - AND when we are able to communicate with each other in ways which create communion instead of separation by feeling not understood. Most intimate [...]

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Competition as only drive for evolution?

My husband told me about a thread in facebook where  someone  presented some ideas - and then this tread was taken over by men who were fighting about who was better and more right than the other - and the sense of the discussion was completely lost in the battle of predominancy.   Nothing unusual, [...]

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Integral Flow Therapy – an experiential way to grow

Talking about RELATIONSHIPS: Are your relationships in a flow? Are they easygoing, smooth and satisfying? And how is your relationship to yourself? These are the topics we often talk about here in this blog. To create really good relationships with others necessitates to have a REALLY good relationship with ourselves and from there go out [...]

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How Integral Changes Everything – with Scott Marshall and Heidi Hörnlein

This is one of our PRE-EVENTS  for the WISDOM FACTORY with the creator of the colorful artwork  SCOTT MARSHALL He shares with you how his life changed radically when he came in contact with the INTEGRAL WORLDVIEW. It is an inspiration for everyone to get curious and to see what is in for them, how [...]

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First European Integral Conference in Budapest May 8-11.2014

In the last decade, integral consciousness has emerged on the European continent on a large scale and has produced unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. These people have been waiting to meet each other.  Read more here Mark and Heidi have participated at the conference in 2014 and 2016. Every time it was a real [...]

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