welkende <rosenFrom the beginning of our life we are going through periods  of beginning, blossoming and then ending. With every new triumph we have to let go the previously known ease of being. This becomes most obvious in our transition from childhood to becoming an adult. The teenage years are a challenge to all young people – and you might have some equivocal memories of your own as well.

Marriage, your own children – who finally leave home, your professional life begins, changes, maybe ends all together. Your husband or wife leaves you for somebody else. Painful experiences, but yet, life goes on and we have a right to live it fully and not get stuck by what has happened by the actions of other people, not even if they are as close as the own family.

Then your parents die, friends, your spouse or even your child – and now?
Or you have to face your own death, your own transition into another state of being….

What will you do, when these challenges arrive? – And they WILL arrivefor everyone, for sure. How to deal with these existential challenges? Mourning, grief and sadness are normal and necessary responses to loss, and we get great benefit in allowing ourselves to go through this process fully – until we arrive on the other side, where we can see again the sunlight and the beauty of life.

In previous times people could find support for their grief process by the church, by their religious beliefs. This doesn’t work any more for many of us. So where to get the necessary support?
Psychotherapists offer their help, this is fine. But for psychologically healthy people there is no real need for such a high end professional.  *They need a heartfelt support of a person who has profound experience with what is happening to you* and can offer a proven guideline to follow and a hand to hold you up when the pain is about to squeeze you.

And that’s exactly what our special guest for Thursday Oct.30th on “Connections Forum” – Hangout show is offering to you: Support in the challenges of the transitions in your life, when you find it hard to let go the previous period of your life and open up to a new chapter.

myste lee anderson.A letter from Myste

As I sit at my kitchen table, gazing out over the vast Arctic Ocean, I know that all is well with the world.

I have lived over half of my life in the extremes of the Canadian North. In my 20’s I had been a self-confessed ‘Hitchhiking Hippie’, studying eastern philosophies and cross-cultural religion while traveling all over North America and spending time in Ecuador, China and India (where I studied yoga under the masters) but my heart called me back to the far North, my first home.

Living amongst the Inuit and their naturally humble presence, along with the serene landscape and harsh climate, has left me with a deep sense of inner peace, self-knowing and an encompassing awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things.

This spring my mother passed on. When I explained this to my young daughter, she asked “Did she die?” I said: “Her body died but her spirit is still with us” and explained how spirit energy inside people cannot die (just like Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes form”).

Strangely enough, I felt closer to my mother after she passed.  She had been carrying many worldly burdens.  After she was released from earth, I felt a connection to her youthful spirit; I remembered the person she really was.  This was a deeply comforting surprise.

When I left my Arctic home to take care of mother’s passing, it became strikingly clear to me how much people fear death, and how limited the dialogue is around this profound topic.  As a life coach I found myself called to answer the question: “How can I use this experience and these insights to be of best service in the world?” I had resigned from a six-figure job to become a coach so that I could make more of a difference in peoples’ lives… now was the time to really walk my talk.

I could see that people really needed help exploring and accepting the life topic of death.  They were silently crying out for ways to move forward and release the fears that were holding them down.  We all want to feel confident and secure about who we are and how to act and be of service when faced with loss, when our loved ones may be near death.  At the end of the day, we want a life where we can trust and feel good about ourselves, in good times and when faced with the difficult challenge of loss.

My coaching program “Bittersweet Breakthrough: A Practice of Living Peacefully with Loss” was developed to work with people who are at a junction in life due to the presence of death or any major loss.  Ultimately, my calling is to empower people – guiding them step-by-step into a greater version of themselves, helping them to confidently face whatever challenges life may bring.

It’s my mission to help create a world where people no longer fear death or loss, but view these challenges, simply as an opportunity for growth… the beginning of a profound new journey.  I help those experiencing this bittersweet time of life to uncover the meaning, peace and strength that restores their inner balance and lifts their hearts again.

Embrace your blessings,

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