You can have your own TV station right in your home – no cost! 

So if you have a message you want to send out into the world and you don’t have a budget – Google Hangouts LIVE EVENTS are the ideal tool for you.

You might hesitate and want to continue with Skype to connect via Video with your audience. Skype is good and has pioneered the terrain, but there is NO comparison to Hangouts.

You get the tool for FREE – incredible – and you have the possibility to reach everybody on this globe who has internet access – as opposed to the people you already know. It is like Television: you have no idea who is watching you live of later on YouTube (the events are automatically recorded on YouTube) and you will be surprised how people from all over the world will show up in your circles and interact with you, on your posts, on your event pages and in private video conversations.

If Skype was complicated for you, well, Google Hangouts are a little more sophisticated and therefore you need some preparation and practice to successfully use it.

I am happy to guide you from my learning of the past years. I have not only done the courses I recommend to you, but I also have hosted far more than 100 Hangout Live Events myself and have given my support to a lot of people  who got stuck at some point or other.

That’s what I offer to YOU:

  • Introduction to the tools as private coaching by ourselves or as a online course by our referral partners (for the technical aspects and for an overall introduction into tech and strategies for building an audience)
  • Direct practice by doing private hangouts with us.
  • Private coaching to overcome performance anxiety
  • Learn the different roles people assume in a transmission
  • Possibility to be a guest in our live transmissions
  • Guidance to create your own live events