I remember when I was 13 years old and my aunt was 40 – and I thought to myself: she is REALLY old. I will NEVER be as old as she is. And I remember well when I turned 40 and all the prejudices of our society kicked in about ageing and I had a time where I believed that I was old then and that my life was practically over.

resized cropped copyNow, more than 20 years later things have changed dramatically. I feel younger than ever, I am more active – maybe not physically, but all together – and I don’t get stopped any more by what others or society as a whole think about me or what I am doing. Yes, many people I meet thin that I am a little crazy, I should play with grandchildren instead of studying computer programs, social media, marketing and other weird stuff which young people are supposed to do. And who ever sees people in my age biking? They are all in their cars, happy not to need to move their bodies any more. Is this FUN? A sedentary life wouldn’t be fun for me, maybe for them? But why are they then always complaining about illnesses, operations, pains and depression? FUN?

Well, Mark and I are having a lot of FUN in – or despite? – our age. And here you can watch Mark being interviewed by Margherita Crystal Lotus in our weekly Show HANGOUT on CONNECTIONS. We pledge for FUN while AGEING!