Racism – sexism — AGEISM!?

You recognize it when it comes to you, with 40 (when people tell you you should better buy expensive cosmetics for not getting wrinkles), with 50 (when we women go into menopause: no fertility – does it mean we are useless?), with 60 when people consider you to be old and with 70 when you yourself begin to think that you are old and and and…..

What is the problem about getting older? Mainly probably the fear of old age and suffering which poisons our time when we are younger and hinders us to be fully alive. It is not really the age which creates us problems, but our expectations about our life and the expressed expectations of younger generations about what we should be. All that combined with an insufficient support which, if ever, is concerned only about our bodies and they try to keep it alive by all means – fearing death like a devil. How much possibilities are we given to learn and grow in older age? mentally, spiritually, socially – and even physically? Well, not much.


When we want to have an inspired and happy life in the second half of our lives we definitely need to step up, find out how it could be and then CLAIM it.


Mark and myself (Heidi) have held a workshop at the Integral European Conference in Hungary last May 2016h. Check out what is published there:   http://integraleuropeanconference.com/integral-ageing-challenge-take/

And here the video registration of our talk in Hungary