Here you find all the replays of  THE GOLD KEY RELEASE training, organized by Heidi Hornlein and THE WISDOM FACTORY and held by LAWRENCE GOLD.

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After Course session hosted by the Wisdom Factory on Google Hangouts on Monday Sept.21


 Last session: Q&A Week #7 Thursday September 21

Teaching Session week #7 Monday September 14

Hi everybody. It has happened again, the “Conspiracy of the Universe” as Lawrence called it last week. The recording has stopped at a certain point – as if the field around us doesn’t want to allow that this content gets out and practiced by many of us.

(See the explanation to that phenomena in the replay of last Tursday’s Q&A session)

Here the partial video with the Introduction and the Reading of Lawrence


And here the video with the recording of the practices of week #7


Q&A session week #6 Thursday September 10

Course session #6 Monday September 7 

Strange things happened with the recording of this session. It stopped without our awareness right after my intro and began about 20 minutes later agai. I will post this incomplete recording where you find most of the guided processes, but not the previous explanations.

This a re-recording of the procedures presented in the course session

You can find the explanations and the re-recorded procedure on Lawrence’s blogpost:HERE


(Below the incomplete original session of Monday September 7th)

Q&A session Week #5  Thursday September 3rd

Course Session #5 Monday August 31


This is the Video Lawrence talked about in Session #5 – and he recommends to watch it

The End of Tyranny, The Authoritarian Syndrome


Q&A Week #4 Thursday August 27

Course Session #4  Monday August 24

Q&A Session #3 Thursday August 29


COURSE SESSION #3  August 17th

IT’S LIKE THROWING BACK A FISH – “Homework” after session #3

Q&A session #2  August 13


The SET UP : (additional video fostering the process of the Gold Key Release)

COURSE Session #2  August 10

Q&A #1 August 6/15


Course session #1  August 3/15


The Tongue Mudra