In Every Beginning Lies the End – and in All Endings is the Gem of a New Beginning

This is the secret of life, ancient wisdom, which we are beginning to contact when we are confronted with an ending.

  • the ending of a period in our lives – for instance when the children leave home, when we go into retirement etc.
  • the ending of  a relationship – friends or partners, colleagues , family members
  •  the ending of one’s own life or the life of a loved one

Now is the moment to fully embrace the ancient wisdom of human life, to learn how to successfully take the right steps, how to make the needed transition with a minimum of pain and a maximum of satisfaction.

Every ending is a loss, and grieving is an important part of living the given situation.

If you are in such a situation right now – I would like to let you know that there is a deep sense in it and a huge chance for you to get to know deep secrets of human life – even if it dosn’t feel like that in the moment.

If you are facing your own death, maybe you have discovered cancer and you fear not to have much time to live, this is the moment to say YES to life: finally YES which we seldom really say during those periods of our lives which are going smoothly. Or you are facing the death of a loved one and you are not sure how to handle the situation, you might appreciate the help of someone who has been there…

I had a cancer operation 10 years ago and I took it as a profound exercise in LIFE. I knew I wanted to live, and I also knew that so far in my life I hadn’t fully lived yet. I needed to really examine my values, what was important and what not – and I had to re-evaluate my relationships. I needed to find new people who had similar values and to separate from people who had not. And I had to enter into a deep relationship with MYSELF, find out WHO AM I?

And today I can offer you my support for your difficult situation.

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