DSC_9390Bio  Heidi Hörnlein

Studies in Math and Physics (MA in Communication science) in her native Germany preceded her love of opera which led her to Italy to perfect psycho/physical vocal techniques applicable to all speakers.  Public singing and teaching then steered her into NLP, transpersonal, humanistic and  Enneagram studies with triple certifications, in Gestalt counselling  and finally in “Calling in the One” and “Feminine Power” and „Conscious uncoupling“ transformational coaching.  

Now, in her retreat center in Umbria, she presents integral workshops transmitting  current and previous approaches to those who are ready to develop their calling in life. With her ‚called in“ husband Mark she is preparing couple workshops and empowerment holidays in beautiful „Paradiso Integrale“

Her online presence is expanding from voice therapy consulting to online courses on „the power of relationship“, especially how to find your divine right partner and how to create and navigate an intimate relationship in a way that leads to the empowerment of the couple and the two individual’s personal growth.


My Personal Story

At twenty-seven I thought I had understood what life was about – and frankly, If THAT which I had experienced up to then and which I saw in front of me was ALL that life was – no, thank you!  I was at the choice point of either disappearing into depression or waking up. I guess I chose to wake up, but actually there was an inner force which just pushed me forward, abandoning the traditional view of what life should look like toward trying out new ways.

I had finished University but instead of looking for a job in my field of study I entered a professional choir while also exploring my potential as a solo singer. I stepped out of the narrowness of obligations toward my husband and began to ask myself what I really wanted in love with the help of a lover; I earned money by driving taxi, I began to paint and do other art work, I studied Italian and finally arrived in Italy to study Italian Opera believing that my destiny was in singing.

Although I had taken the first steps to exit the traditional worldview I nonetheless readily adopted the ‘Old Ways’ again when it came to finding a man as provider. I lived with a gentle Italian man for 7 years and only towards our break up did I realize fully that we really didn’t have anything in common, least of all our worldviews and the reasons why we were living here on this planet. Today I know that I met him to secure a material base for my passion (which itself I have fully recognized and realized only during the last 10 years or so): the beautiful big house in Umbria, one of the most marvelous areas in Italy.

I put all my energy in the house, garden, and animals – and I learned a lot about the laws of nature. It was an exciting time of fully immersing myself in a flow experience about existence itself – although it was really hard and heavy work to be an organic farmer.

I had given up my idea of becoming a ‘famous singer’ in the meantime, not because I wouldn’t have been able to, but because I had so many blocks that kept me from really going for it. Hiding in the country felt safer, for sure. But the inner force – I now would call it the push of evolution itself – put me in a situation where I finally had to be autonomous and earn my own money – and to finally explore my true gift of being a singing teacher. I observed students who changed their destiny by getting to know their body, mind and soul through learning singing in the way that I taught it to them. The power of owning one’s own authentic voice – literally speaking – was my research object and tool for digging deeper into human potential and finding out ways to bring it to the light.

In time I found voice teaching too limited for my goal helping people to raise their consciousness and realize their innate potentials, especially because I couldn’t attract the people I wanted to work with: not necessarily singers, but ‘normal’ people, even those who had big blocks against singing and voice. I could show them how to overcome obstacles in an area which is nearly universal in how people use their voice. From there they could easily turn towards their true passions and develop them.

My predicament ended when I took intensive courses in Enneagram studies, did a Master in Gestalt Counseling, and achieved certification in Transformational Coaching programs. This allowed me to understand the huge importance of relationships in human life, how they are normally ‘screwed up’ and how easily and effectively they can be transformed as soon as a person is willing to really look into their own patterns and conditionings and to really go for changing them.

From my perspective of today I can see clearly a direct line in my life at sixty years,  a continuity of opening the mind, of a personal growth towards ever higher levels of consciousness and of an increasing ability to assist others in their own development. During the last fifteen years or so this development has happened in a conscious way inside the perspective of the “Integral Worldview” as outlined by Ken Wilber. He gave me the understanding of where I was at and where I was going, of how to understand and discern where others are in their development, and of how to assist them in growing further. I am extremely thankful for the roadmap I was given.