Are you over 50 and in a long term relationship and you would like to improve it a little?

Or are you alone just now and not really sure if you want to go back into a close relationships after all you have experienced in the past?

Or are you waiting that, finally, you will find THE ONE with whom to pass happily the second part of your life?

If you answer YES to one of these questions, then you would get great benefit from our next retreat for couples and Singles in the second half of their lives.


We are looking into the difficulties we had in past relationships – and we might still have in present relationships or dating experiences – and we will practice relationship skills – and communication skills – which allow us to create, finally, a relationship beyond our wildest dreams.

See a testimonial of a frequent participant of our retreats: (use Google Translator)

You will learn and practice the fundamental principles of  the “Conjunctive Communication” which allows you to enter into a deeper level of relatedness with your present or future partner

You will learn how to handle disagreement and conflict as a possibility to deepen the connection instead of creating separation

You will learn to have an advanced perspective on yourself and others which allows you to not get caught in confusion and trouble, but to see clearly what happens and use the appropriate tools to solve the problem.

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Your hosts Heidi and Mark

About your hosts

Heidi and Mark met online more than  4 years ago and decided to come together in a conscious relationship exploring what is possible after so many years of their individual relationship failures. Both are trained counselors and coaches and combine now their personal experiences with their professional knowledge to first create for themselves a new way of living in a close relationship and then inspire others to do alike and, maybe, even work together.


Part of their calling as a couple is to spread the good news about the possibilities we all have and to provide tips and guidelines about how those can become reality in everyone’s life. They do it by blogging, offering retreats and courses in their Non Profit PARADISO INTEGRALE in Umbria/Italy and foremost via public live conversations on video with people who want to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom with the world.