George Harrison’s song expresses the insight of Monika Frühwirt. She is speaking out of the experience of 7decades of an intense life which was dedicated to the *evolution of consciousness* in herself and others: It’s gonna take patience and time to become human

Thanks to Monika the *philosophy of +Ken Wilber* was introduced and spread in Germany by her constant efforts in translating texts, publishing articles, editing print media and creating the German Integral Association together with some like minded people.

Monika was one of the first women in the German Integral scene which at first was very head biased – the enthusiasm about a brilliant theory. She introduced the “feminine integral consciousness field”, a self-organized group of women who tried to translate the theory into their every day life practice.

*In this HOA Monika will share with you her wisdom about what really matters in life* . it will give you an impression how new ideas come into the world and are promoted into visibility by the _constant effort and commitment of a few individuals_, until they have attracted a sufficient number of followers which reassures their spreading out into the world.
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