There are many possibilities for change. We know best the “BECOMING BETTER at” – Version. We work and work and try to reach excellence, in our work, in our relationships, as a person.

Nothing wrong with that. But unfortunately very limited and no profound and lasting change can be reached with this method. Yes, you bet better in many things – but most likely you will end up with an obsession called perfectionism – or you will give up and go back to the “same old, same old”, frustrated and confirmed in your belief that “you are just not made for that” and “other people are better- or more lucky -, and you just have to reduce your expectations, desires and visions, as it is NOT FOR YOU.


Well, there is the other form of CHANGE called TRANSFORMATION. Here something genuinely new appears and gets integrated into your life. A new understanding of yourself, of others, of the world and your possibilities in it. The horizon is opening for you in an unexpected way, you get familiar with your innate possibilities to create a life of satisfaction, purpose and love.

As Ken Wilber says: Transformation can be seen like moving from one story into the one above, while the change we normally aspire to means simply to move around the furniture on the same storey

You can see the world better when you see it from a higher point and perspective . So why would you live in the ground floor when you could live on top and be able to see clearly what is around you?

In our 1:1 Life Coaching program you will find out what is hindering you to grow up into your highest possibilities, into a life which holds everything for you which you have envisioned and dreamt of.


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