The Power of Relationship: the relationship you have with yourself and your emotions

Is it a fashion today? Everybody is talking about love and compassion, spirituality is “In” and everywhere those words stream out of peoples mouths. And more often than not these words are only lip service – not that people don’t want to be loving and full of compassion, they might have the very honest intention – the thing is that “normal” people just don’t know how to do it. “How to love, really love, is a skill which needs to be learned. It is not just a volatile emotional highlight as many of us still think, it is much more than that! It begins with self-love, self-acceptance by deep self-knowledge and connection to who we really are – not necessarily in the “normal” spiritual sense, but who you really are as a person in this earthly life.

Our guest in this show of CONNECTIONS, episode #7 in the miniseries “Taming the Emotional Ogre” is *Lucinda Winslow*, classical musician, pianist and singer and former director of an opera house. Music is an emotional thing, we talked about that in a former episode (#27) with the violinist Sue Aston  .

Lucinda is also deeply involved in an integral transformation work and for 16 years was founding member of a spiritual foundation and theater company which created together in collective consciousness for 7 years, including a production of Rumi that was performed at the United Nations in NYC.
And she is deeply influenced by “Feminine Power” where we met and went through life-changing processes together with our mutual support. She is currently bringing this work forward into the world working to end poverty globally within an intention of being ‘love in action.’

In our show we introduce you to first steps of self-transformation and self-responsibility which will allow the loving being we’ve always wanted to become to emerge. The voice of the rising Feminine in our world now, in both men and women, makes our capacity for relationship a key tool in transformation as we connect to self, Life and others. It is within this field of relationship, with the power of relationship,  that lasting change can happen.
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