Technology is advancing quickly, solving many problems, creating new ones – and allowing us humans to get to know each other across our national and even continental borders. After Skype and Google Hangouts there is a new technology available which has the potential to make friends between complete strangers by direct interaction.

It is ancient wisdom that fear is nurtured by ignorance, by telling ourselves stories about people and things which lack a reality check. Humans can kill other humans only when they don’t see them as equal to themselves, when they believe them to be in a certain way which seems to give them permission to treat them however they want. The very best antidote is getting to know your enemy – so they can become humans like yourself and even friends. Countries like France and Germany introduced an exchange project for students after WWII to bridge the gap and make sure that they wouldn’t go and fight each other any more.

In those times you needed to travel to the other country, very nice and rewarding but hardly affordable for everybody. Today you need a computer or smartphone and a working Internet connection – and you connect with the whole world from your home and at zero cost.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.33.16So with the latest visual technologies we can connect with people everywhere on the globe, we can also learn to become VISIBLE, to be SEEN when we talk and therefore create trust in whomever is watching. We are asked to no longer hide behind Facebook entries or teleseminars where you expose only your writing qualities or your voice. If you want to show who you are authentically, that shows also that you READ your conference text instead of talking freely, that you get stuck sometimes, even blush when you believe you’ve made a mistake, show that you are thirsty and drink – and show what you look like so that people can relate to you. THAT IS THE WAY to create trusting relationships with people you don’t know yet, that is the way to enter into bigger circles than the old and already known ones, and this is the way to spread your message.

If you have a message to share with the world then it is useless to tell the same people about it a hundred times. Either they already follow you or they probably never will. Sharing on Facebook reaches ever the same people who might already be tired of what you say – and those who don’t know you in person don’t know you well enough to trust and understand that you have valuable things to share. And in the endless comment threads there people safely can say all sorts of things – which they probably would refrain from saying when they were on video and held “visibly” and “personally” responsible for their contributions.

If we want to live in a better world we need to do our contribution to make it happen. Maybe the very first step is to stop hiding and taking over responsibility for what we put out into the world. It is not up to the others to create a better world for you, it is up to me and YOU. And if you listen to your excuses why you “cannot” step out into the unpredictable world of being seen (and judged) then your attempt towards a better world is only lip service. Get down into your shadow and take a look at who is in the driver’s seat when you speak and act – or when you don’t speak or act.