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The Power of Relationship – Let Joy and Happiness Guide Your Life


This Website “The Power of Relationship” is part of the Non-Profit Association


in Italy (and online)

Here you find everything connected with RELATIONSHIPS, the relationships with others and with yourself.

Free courses and training are available, as well as coaching and programs for some financial contribution,


  • Finding the LOVE of YOUR LIFE – Calling in THE ONE
  • Improving your current intimate relationship
  • Overcoming stress and grief caused by separation and loss
  • Conscious Uncoupling

And especially for WOMEN in the second half of life:

  • Becoming confident and empowered for yourself
  • Becoming visible and stepping up for what you feel is right
  • Becoming finally independent of the expectations of others and living your life in harmony with your life partner

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RETREATS and Courses

A Relationship Beyond your wildest Dreams


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Online Course – A Relationship Beyond your wildest Dreams

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Life and Relationship Coaching

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  • I never get what I want. And this won’t change anytime soon.  Judgement
  • I’ll be alone forever. A relationship just isn’t for me.    Judgement
  • There’s something wrong with my partner . This is why our relationship doesn’t work.    Judgement 


We spend our lives judging ourselves.

Isn’t it time you stopped?


Beyond your wildest dreams

  • Get a feel for how we can wake you up out of that rut and start living – right here on our blog.
  • Everyone has a reason for being. Read about ours. Right here
  • Or join us on a Paradiso Integrale  retreat. It’ll be the one thing in life you don’t regret.


Some inspiration to start right away!

How do you envision your relationship with a significant other?

A meditation

What about getting older? – Integral Ageing at the Integral European Conference

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Why the world doesn’t really change – until women step massively into leadership and why this is so difficult to happen.

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