Welcome to our blog! We are so happy you have found us and our website! And we are even more happy that we have found YOU, dear reader and listener! We are looking forward to a lively exchange of experience, knowledge, learning. We are all together called in this specific period of time to evolve, to grow up in order to really thrive in our lives. On the basis of thriving there are the life conditions we are living in. There are all these huge global problems today, like global warming, fracking, radioactive leaks, poisoning of the ground, GMO crops and industrialized foods, and many many more.

We are trying to get hold of these problems, at least some of us, and some country governments take some halfhearted measurements. We believe, if we only could get these counter measurements in place, we could solve the problem.

But this is not the case! Unless we change consciousness, unless a significant amount of people grows up to the understanding that we have to change our overall approach to our behaviors which damage the world we are living in, all measurements will be insufficient because not supported by sufficient insight of the importance to find other ways of going ahead.


What has this to do with relationships?


A lot, for several reasons:
We have arrived at a point where the old way of relating and of creating relationships, friendships and family, at work or even between nations just don’t work any more. We seem to have only the choice between living alone or suffering in old and obsolete patterns of bonding. Nations have understood that wars don’t lead anywhere, that everybody is loosing and suffering and that there is the need of new ways of co-existing and collaboration.

Intimate relationships are the smallest and most adapt field, the seed for these new ways of relating, the place where we can learn and experience what it means to give up fights and war and to find a pacific and loving way to meet each other.


Our credo is:


when we have transformed our personal relationships from competition, power struggles and war to understanding, heart open and loving, compassionate communion – then we can end the outside wars and resolve our problems of planetary survival.

Finding your perfect partner – or recreating your current relationship into a evolved form – is the first step into personal happiness – and into the wellbeing of the whole planet.

Come and join us with this noble endeavor!