IMG_0757This is Tommy, my favorite cat. When he came to me 11 years ago he was 4 months old but so tiny that he would stay in my open hand. He needed to be protected against the dog and the older and bigger cats. This was the beginning of our intimate journey together: he alone allowed into the house, even into the bedroom, special conditions everywhere beginning with the special food to make him catch up with his growth and many special treats to come.

Now Tommy is ill, seriously, his thyroid is completely crazy, his heartbeat extremely high and he doesn’t want to eat. He lies somewhere, half dead, sad, unhappy, and I am sad and unhappy, too.

I posted this photo and a short text, asking people to send healing energy to him, 2 days ago on G+ — and I was blown away by the response: so far 762 plusses and 34 re-shares of my posts, together with 84 comments

Wow, this post went viral – and when I post something about human relationships or personal growth hardly anyone really notices it.

What does this tell me? – Well. I think that most of us humans.have a tender heart, often under a  ruff surface. Our relationships with other people have a long and often painful history, many disappointments, wounds, pain, fears. Much negative stuff is covering our desire for love and connection, is holding us back to be friendly and compassionate to others and take part in their struggles and misfortunes. There is a hesitation to take notice, to help  and take action – like standing up for the case of this person, defending him/her etc. (max we will sign a petition – which is a very good beginning, but mostly not enough), we don’t want to be bothered too much by other people’s pain, probably for fear it could be ours soon, too.

This is different with pets. Our relationship with pets is often much different than that with our fellow humans. Pets love us, when we treat them decently – and dogs do even when they are treated badly. They don’t contradict us, they don’t ask questions and are always available for our moods, they comfort us with their sensitive presence, they are “cute” and to love them doesn’t take risks of separation or being left behind in favor of another mate. We OWN our pets in ways we never can own a human being, we cam love them with our full heart without fear of being hurt. It is not as risky to love an animal as it is to love a human being.

Tommy is a really beautiful cat, long soft hair, deep eyes, gracious behavior. It is very easy to love him. He, though, chose who he wanted to be with and with whom he wanted to connect. Everybody desired to be able to stroke him, not everybody had the chance. And now? He lays around apathetic, the beautiful fur is plastered to the most skinny body I have ever seen of a cat. He is no more beautiful but fighting to stay alive. Would that photo have evoked so many LIKES?

The point I want to make in this post is still a different one:

what does all that say about our relationship to other humans, but even more: about our relationship to ourselves?

Yes, we love our cats and dogs, but is it possible that we use them as a substitute for human love? Do we use them to have somebody to care for, for not to have enough time (??) to care for ourselves? or is it the courage which we are lacking to spend time just with ourselves, with no one to care about, with nobody to distract us from the relationship we need to build with ourselves?

It is just a question and I would love to hear what YOU think about it.

 Here is the original post on G+. Enjoy the many sweet and compassionate comments. There are some  few comments also on Facebook , but there my husband Mark came into contact with an energetic cat healer and since she began her work from the distance things are going better, slowly, slowly, but better. We are so grateful for that!

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