This is a series of clips of a conversation between Heidi Hornlein and Mark Davenport where they talk about their own experience as an example for you. Our relationships – what went wrong and how to do better?

You might have had similar experiences in your life and get some inspiration to see them in a different light and go ahead with confidence that a relationship beyond your wildest dreams is waiting for you.

If your experience is totally different and you would like to talk with us about it, please let us know and we will invite you into a conversations

Some Reasons why relationships change – or break up


Whose fault is it when a relationship changes – or breaks up?


When there is silence in your relationship….


Looking backward – how would you have handled better the problems in your relationship?


Tips to handle some relationship problems


How can women handle better negative emotions?


Facing the RelationShit


Learning how to create good relationships


Family ties and other relationships


Intimate relationships as a training field for all types of relationships