A conversation with the author of the book Martin Ucik

The ideas of creating robots for sex seem to somehow make obsolete the question: how are sex and relationships, connected with a deeper purpose valid tools for creating a better world?

What would you prefer?

Creating a better world by couples in intimate relationships which combine sexuality and a common purpose. Or sex-robots as the inevitable idea in a technology obsessed humanity?

I don’t know you, but only the idea of sex-robots make me shiver and envision a world where the isolation and separation has arrived at the extreme. If the biological need for sex doesn’t lead anymore to look for other people to create bonding but just to a machine which can give you some mechanical satisfaction – how can we survive as humans, let alone THRIVE? In my opinion this leads to a destruction from the inside out, by messing up completely our psyches. And we have enough of external means to manifest our total destruction already while we still have a fair amount of people who have a healthy functioning mind and psyche.

We are talking about those people, us, who are not yet completely mad and buy into these destructive messages which come from a science which lacks all ethic and morality and a foresight about the consequences of what it is creating. We are believing in the power of the human mind in becoming whole, congruent and sane by growing up and waking up to integral, holistic beings as opposed to the advertised zombies. We also believe in the power of love to create a better world, as well as in the power of love relationships which are based on a common purpose, a common understanding what is important and worthwhile to pursue – together. The intimate couple is the miniature unit of a whole society where important skills can be learned which then can be used by the society as a whole. Some aspects are: respect, appreciation, recognition, collaboration, tolerance, mutual support, mutual inspiration and empowerment.

Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World  

In the above video we are talking with Martin Ucik who has written two books about love and relationships and how the life as a couple can be a motor for personal growth of both partners and for a cause to strive for together in order to increase the possibilities of our world to grow up in those energies which are expressed by the above mentioned skills. Enjoy the video and, if you want to know how to find the right partner for such an enterprise, get the book “Integral Relationships”. And for when you have found that partner for learning how to live in such a co-creative couple get “Sex, Purpose and Love”

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