Paradiso Integrale:  Spring Retreat at the PARADISE

 Couples and Singles!

We repeat the spring retreat also in 2017 – and many participants of previous retreats have already signed up. They love to come here – and you will, too!

(See a testimonial HERE) 

Naturally, this means that the focus this spring will be on your adult RELATIONSHIPS of the alternately confusing and enrapturing sort that only close intimacy can engender.

 AND we will focus on being in intimate relationship when getting older, let’s say when we have passed 50 and now want to harvest our life experience and turn it into wisdom, especially in how to be in close relationships.

Autum landscapeWhen you come to Paradiso Integrale you will enter a beautiful and curative landscape among olive groves overlooking the Tiber valley in Umbria, an hour north of Rome.


There you will be catered by a prize winning Italian cook who is our next-door neighbor.2015.12.08


And there is a NEW PROGRAM also.  Not that the tried and true has been discarded, but you’ll find it tailored to the needs of intimate partners in the 21st century.






So you’ll be treated to:


  • what neuroscience has to say about men and women and what that means for your  relationship
  • how our relationships change both in history and in our own stages of growth
  • what rules  men and women learn about SEXUALITY AND TOUCHING – What are the aspects of intimacy? How do we “live” them?


You’ll learn:

  •  about the many VOICES within you…and how to talk to all of them
  •  about AUTHENTICITY, how you see others and how they see you
  •  what you CAN’T SEE in yourself, and how your mate WILL see it 
  •   how to turn disagreements into relationship GOLD – how can we keep communication clear, efficient and impactful
  •  and SWEET things to really remind you how special it is to be with your mate
  •  and if you have no one to say sweet things to you will learn how to make it happen

2015.12.08, some of that will be heavy stuff, so you’ll be glad to know that, despite the exercises, experiments and hands-on practices – YES, there will be TOUCHING! – you’ll also indulge in some wonderful sightseeing to medieval hill-top villages and the ruins of a local Roman era river town. And of course you can enjoy walks through our 25 acres (10 hectares) of meadow  and woods.

 And – if we all agree on it – we will go to see an ancient Italian city or some stunning place in Nature during these days.


And Rome is only 70 kilometers (45 MILES) away with direct train connections!

Your Retreat Leaders:  Heidi (Adelheid), Mark and most likely again Elena (clicking on the names you will be guided to the Bios)


Dates: May 10.-14. 2017

4 days – Thursday 10AM through Sunday afternoon

Please arrive on  Wednesday and you can also stay a day later until Monday  (for a small extra cost)

Euro 695.- inclusive of program, room and board    

Discounts for Early Birds  and couples


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