More than 50 % of the Western population as divorced or never married. The good old relationship which lasted “until death do us part” hardly exists any more in the Western world – and if a couple succeeds to live the whole life together than they have or done a lot of work to grow together or they leed a relationship which doesn’t really merit this name.


I believe that everyone who has reached a certain age, let’s say 40, has lived one or more periods of “relationshiT”, periods of anger, disappointment, insatisfaction or worse. Some people sort of accept that life is like this and go on as a victim with no hope for a better future by tolerating what is done to them – or what they themselves do to others. Some people chose to separate or divorce and to find a different mate with whom the same game most probably goes on again. Others chose to learn and get more wise and inspired to see and do things differently.


And to the latter we are speaking here: There are different perspectives to see your problems and to resolve them. So many people have gathered wisdom and experience and knowledge about how to improve relationships – and the are ready to share their insights with you.


We in The Wisdom Factory (which means Mark and myself, Heidi) have invited 14 experts in the field of relationships who are operating in an highly evolved consciousness to share their message with the world in our online show starting January 15 to April 8.

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