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Creating Relationships with Courage – Brigitte Ghannoum

This is the story of Brigitte Gannoum from Libanon who has called in her One from Germany. They are creating their relationship with Courage, for sure! Listen to what they share after a while that Brigitte has moved to Germany.    

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An interview about the relationship beyond your wildest dreams

Yesterday Mark and I were invited to an interview with Tee Ming Ooi, a wonderful colleague of ours who is exploring the topic "Confidence and Certainty" in a really gracious way. Here is her facebook page She has also a YOUTUBE Channel, where our interview will be published as soon as it is edited.   You will find a series of inspiring interviews there, apart of ours. We enjoyed a lot to be interviewed by her and answer questions about how it is possible to create a completely different relationship - after so many trials and disappointments, as it was our case. We share some tools and principles either for attracting THE ONE and also how to set up the relationship and take care for its flourishing. We wish you an inspiring vision!

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