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Awakening the elephant in you – to your relationship with life

Considering the topic RELATIONSHIPS from a different perspective: What can our relationship with animals teach us about us and our relationship to ourselves and others? In this period this exact question shows up for me ever and ever again. Not by chance, I guess! Here a conversation with Sangita Iyer,(recording from our show "Connections Forum") a woman born in India in close contacts with elephants - and then, when she went to Canada and adopted the life in western civilization she completely forgot about them. Then, some years ago, coming back to India and being confronted with the reality there, she was touched deeply by the suffering of her beloved elephants and she decided to create a film "Gods in Chains" which will come out soon. Sangita since her return to India created a strong bond to elephants again and she understood much better than in childhood what humans can learn from them. So she created an [...]

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The Power of relationship with Animals – Heidi is guest in the MIA Connect show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rO3MyVGDPs   The Power of Relationship as revealed by animals: This would be a wonderful integration of my work which is based more on inner process work via altered states of consciousness, to find out and get conscious the inner blockages. With the horse you enter into a direct feeling  connection and it makes you understand immediately when you are not real, when your energy is not in the way it could be. I, Heidi,  was deeply honored to have been invited into Mia's show this week where she presented "Detail", a very sensitive horse with which Devon Combs is doing "Horse-Therapy" with people who are in research of their emotional balance. I got the following testimonial by Devon: Devon Combs mentioned you in a comment on Mia Voss's event.+Adelheid Hörnlein  thank you so much for being a part of this show and I loved hearing about your beautiful work and the amazing retreats you are offering!  Detail [...]

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Interiority – and the Integral Conference in Budapest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrDHjCFHz74&feature=youtu.be Listen to our recent talk: Raquel Torrent and Heidi Hörnlein: At 10:15 Raquel is leading you in a meditative exercise within the "upper left quadrant" = interiority At 33.30 we are talking about the experience we had participating in the first European integral Conference in Budapest about a week ago enjoy the talk!!      

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Voice consciousness and singingTomorrow

Tomorrow April 10th at 3pm CET another talk with Kate Barbour about Singing as a path of personal growth and consciousness. Here is the event page to listen in. What has this to do with "The Power Of Relationship"? Well, it is all about the relationship with yourself and with the world - or better with what you believe is possible for you in your life, in this world.

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