The World of Men is Dangerous! (by Mark Davenport)

“Get ready.  They’re waiting for us,” Heidi brusquely called me. I grumpily began to respond by quickly ending a sentence I was typing, making a trip to the bathroom, and changing into appropriate clothes. She had already exited when I left the house so I took a shortcut through the parking lot. Dashing through an [...]

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Men in Relationships: the warrior and the wise man – A talk by Keith Witt (by Heidi Hornlein)

If somebody knows about MEN and WOMEN and about INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS: well, this is for sure Keith Witt - integral psychologist and ultimate expert in human life experience,  behavior and interiority. If you want to know how intimate relationships develop, what you can do after the first time of infatuation is over to maintain a [...]

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Why the world doesn’t really change – until women step massively into leadership and why this is so difficult to happen.

It is not only because women want babies, grow them up and feel to have to take care of the household, the family relationships, the psychological well being of everyone concerned. There is more lying underneath which makes it really difficult for women to go out into the public and claim their place in important [...]

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Competition as only drive for evolution?

My husband told me about a thread in facebook where  someone  presented some ideas - and then this tread was taken over by men who were fighting about who was better and more right than the other - and the sense of the discussion was completely lost in the battle of predominancy.   Nothing unusual, [...]

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Men’s issues in Relationships – an Interview with Raymond Fismer

What are the difficulties for men in their relationships and how can they handle them? Relationships seem to be easy when we have just fallen in love. In time things change - they always do - and we need to change consequently if we want to maintain our relationships and even bring it to true [...]

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Why Real Men Hate Pilates by Mark Davenport

  In short because they have great difficulty not looking at women who can use  their bodies as bodies and not just as sexual manipulatrixes. That may take some explanation.  So, from the beginning:   When I “signed up” for a live-in partnership with Heidi, I accepted the expectation that I would care for my [...]

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