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Men’s issues in Relationships – an Interview with Raymond Fismer

What are the difficulties for men in their relationships and how can they handle them? Relationships seem to be easy when we have just fallen in love. In time things change - they always do - and we need to change consequently if we want to maintain our relationships and even bring it to true flourishing. Raymond Fismer, expert for men's work has led many groups of men to a better understanding of their roles in their relationships and has contributed greatly to the resolution of their problems. He will explore with us the unhappiness within relationships and how to develop new capacities to evolve, as a person and inside the couple. Raymond Fismer is a physicist who has done the path of development which he is teaching now to other men. He is board member of the German Integral Association (Integrales Forum) and deeply interested in bringing the integral worldview as outlined by Ken Wilber out into [...]

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Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? by Heidi Hörnlein

    This question sounds very much like: “are you male or female”? Quite a polarity, is it not? And you seem to have to stick with one or the other; at least many people say so. Are we born introverts? As we are born girls or boys? And are we condemned to remain as such? OK, girls and boys become women and men – and during their life they hopefully grow up the many levels of possible human development. The more we proceed in personal growth, the more women can integrate masculine aspects of being and men can explore and integrate feminine qualities. During the last 50 years or so we have done some progress in that. Women have adopted masculine qualities – and often forgotten the feminine ones. And we now begin to claim them back. Men, slowly slowly begin to realize that they would be more complete beings if they could open up to [...]

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