Why Real Men Hate Pilates by Mark Davenport

  In short because they have great difficulty not looking at women who can use  their bodies as bodies and not just as sexual manipulatrixes. That may take some explanation.  So, from the beginning:   When I “signed up” for a live-in partnership with Heidi, I accepted the expectation that I would care for my body, including my abysmal posture, all stoop -shouldered and pot bellied - generally just plain very slack. So i began attending weekly Pilates “lessons” with her and a couple girlfriends and with Giovanni, the husband of one of them.  His role modeling saved my butt. The instructor was/is one Libera Ceccharelli, a lithesome almost 50 with a dancer’s body that would be the envy of any woman in their 40’s, or 30’s!  I didn’t take my eyes off her, and only in part so as to imitate the positions and movements she demonstrated as the session progressed.  That was necessary in part [...]