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  • Be happier with your current partner
  • Navigate and overcome a separation or divorce
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  • Create better understanding with your children or your parents
  • Deepen the understanding within your friendships
  • Up level the relationships at your workplace
  • Be comfortable in groups and create new contacts with ease
  • Be happy and at ease when alone with yourself

We human beings are not meant to be alone. Our life is articulating itself, from the very first moment, by the relationships we find ourselves in. The way these relationships work, and the degree with which we are able to express ourselves within them, often determine our whole life, and is especially true for our early years.

How we live out our love relationships and how we set up our family life hugely depends on our own upbringing. What we have learned to be ‘normal’ and ’true’ until age 6 becomes the ground from which all our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, emotions and our  interpretations of what they mean arise.

We have learned to survive as a little child by observing our environment, by finding out how we need to be in order to be fed, to get the love and the physical contact which we needed to feel sufficiently safe. We have learned to ‘read’ what other people wanted from us – and we have learned how ‘normal’ relationships work from watching our nearest relatives.

Unfortunately, what we have learned and thought to be ‘the right way’ often was the expression of dysfunctional people and relationships around us. Nevertheless, we went out into the world with exactly these dysfunctional patterns in our tool bag and used them as we grew up and entered in relationships ourselves – thus prolonging the same old unhappy way of relating and being with others.

If this is true for you: know that you are not alone! The vast majority of people are in the very same boat. They have understood that ‘there is something wrong’ with their relationships. But unfortunately most of us project the difficulties on other people believing them to be the reason for our unhappiness.

Other people might do their part, yes. But why do you hang around with people who do things to you which make you unhappy? Because you actually searched them out! They promised you – in a covert way – that they would be and behave exactly in the way which fit your childhood patterns.

The way out:

Just as you in childhood DECIDED to adopt the strategies which now are creating problems in your life, you have the power to RE-DECIDE, to step out of the old patterns and develop new ways of being and relating so that you will attract different people and your relationships will be radically different.

Many people are talking about this today, but very few are teaching you what to do to make this happen.

Our commitment to you: we will teach you how to find out what your childhood conditioning is, what you really desire for your life, how to shift your mindset, thoughts and beliefs, and how to handle those emotions which probably are a burden on you and which you would like to get rid of. And, very important: you will find out all about your resistance to change and you will learn to not get stopped anymore in your growth and development.

We are doing this from an integral perspective: the goal is the integration of your whole being, not analysis and fragmentation, but true harmonization. This will allow you to really become yourself: self-confident,  trusting in yourself, in life and in others. You will radiant attract into your life what and whom you really really want and need. You will also learn new skills and capacities which are needed to create something new so you will live within exciting and fulfilling relationships.