A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson interviewed by Renate and Ian McNay: http://bcove.me/t8co35km

My wife, Adelheid “Heidi” Hörnlein and I began watching this video out of our respect for Almaas and out of curiosity about his long term relationship with his partner, Karen Johnson. Knowing little about their personal life, we presumed that they were in an intimate and sexual relationship and were surprised to learn that they were in fact “just” colleagues.

Well, colleagues in an intense and very personal as well as professional sense, but with limits as they both have spouses.

But there’s more. As the interview progressed, both Almaas and Ian gradually “took a back seat” to the interchanges between Karen and Renate, Ian’s wife. Almaas ‘s explanations took a definite “masculine” turn while Karen’s more “feminine” view illustrated vividly and practically his more theoretical approach. And Ian became ever more quiet, perhaps recognising that Renate and Karen were relating intimately and should not be interrupted. Or perhaps he simply didn’t know what to say, an unusual position for a professional interviewer.

I invite you to get comfortable, sit back and be both moved but also entertained by the interaction this wonderful foursome created: http://bcove.me/t8co35km